The Australian Gift and Prepaid Card Association does not aim to influence individual member companies to adopt a majority or general view in any aspect of business practice. The integrity of each member company is a basic premise and remains the responsibility of each participating representative. Read the AGPCA Constitution

Benefits for members


AGCPA provides networking, learning and sharing of best practice from members and the wider industry. Regular meetings are held throughout the year with the opportunity to meet others in the industry.


Information sharing platforms to understand the new technologies, changing market, the players, new innovations and products.


Ensure you are kept up to date with laws and regulations that impact the prepaid card industry. You will have the opportunity to discuss any new or pressing legal issues with other members. The AGCPA is there to provide one credible source and lead conversations with government, business and regulators.


Valuable insights into the market through regular sharing of research, industry experts and companies leading the way in innovation within the gift and prepaid card industry. Explore key topics and trends through research, presentations, and webinars


Enhance members’ knowledge of issues relating to the production, distribution and redemption of prepaid cards and establish standards of best practice.


A collective voice for the industry to maximize PR and media on behalf of members.

Annual Membership Options

Issuer Member

An Issuer Member will be selling a gift card, gift voucher or an electronic voucher which can be exchanged for goods or services to the value presented on the voucher or for a specific service as detailed on the voucher. Issuer membership falls into three categories:

  1. Closed-loop Voucher Issuers and Redeemers
  2. Multi-Retail Voucher Issuers
  3. Open-loop scheme vouchers
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Service Member

A Service Member will be providing a support service to the Issuing Members in the gift cards, voucher and stored value market. This can be a security paper printer, a manufacturer of gift cards, platform providers/operators or a provider of consultation, marketing and/or fulfilment services to the market.

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Distribution Member

A Distribution Member will be distributing a range of other retailer’s Gift Cards, vouchers or stored value solutions through their physical or digital environments. These can include retail outlets offering a Gift Card mall proposition or a rewards and loyalty program offering Gift Cards, vouchers or stored value solutions as part of their program.

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